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  1. Enter a land of conlfict where only the strong can survive. Build up your base fortifications, stock-pile nuclear missils, and wage all-out war on its inhabitants. Be ready for battle, be trained for victory, be prepaired for: Electrified PVP is mod pack recently developed designed to create a balanced PVP environment for the ultimate experience, featuring some very cool and underutilized mods, including ICBM and Warp Drive. Everything has been tweaked to perfection, everything has its strengths, and its weaknesses. Check out the mod pack and remember to leave comments and suggestions! For a complete mod list, and to download the pack, visit its page at: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/electrified-pvp.831077 The mod realms network is looking to possibly host a server using this mod pack if there is enough interest in it. If you want to play this mod pack on a server, then leave a comment bellow saying you support it.
  2. You could try fusion, but it tends to glitch and stop producing power after a while. It then requires a complete dismantle and reassembly to work again. I haven't tested fulmination output yet. It might be a good source of power given a large enough accelerator. Other than these hooking up a lava fabricator to a ton of magmatic dynamos is your best bet.
  3. I find that you need a larger accelerator in the latest voltz version, try 45x45. Also, it seems to be unable to work in dimensions that are not the over world.
  4. This is a common error. Gigeran is correct, forge is missing some libraries and they will have to be downloaded manually. Google for it.
  5. IC2 is practically useless. Except for UU matter, voltz already covers all of its functionality. And as they said above, IC2 is very unstable. To be honest, the only mod I would add is mekanism. Possibly flan's mod. But other than that the pack is fine. (unstable and needs to be seriously updated...) but fine. Also minechem, thermal expansion, and project red (continuation of red power 2) are all in the latest version of voltz.
  6. 1. Download the mods you want to add (make sure they're forge mods, most are) 2. Open technic launcher and click on the gear icon that appears underneath the voltz logo 3. It should open up a small window allowing you to change version etc, click on the button that says "open folder" 4. Locate the folder titled "mods" 5. Drop the downloaded jar/zip file in there 6. Enjoy
  7. Many modded items don't have anvil repair recipes. I'm not sure about mekanism's tools though. However, you can "repair" it by crafting it with another osmium paxel. This combines their duribilities and gives a 10% boost, but destroys all enchants.
  8. Can you place any modded blocks? If you can't, then you incorrectly set up the server. If you can, try editing the COFH core config. This config controls the world generation.
  9. Are you trying to connect to someone else's server or your own? If it's yours, use the ip "localhost" instead of your numeric ip. If it's someone else's server, than it's either: 1. Offline 2. Not set up correctly (btw You don't need to port forward to connect to someone else's server)
  10. There are 2 I know of. 1. Force manipulator: this can teleport both blocks and players, even cows dimension, but requires 1 sec per block to activate the teleport (aka 300 blocks = 300 second charge up time) 2. Glyphs from resonant induction: these allow for instantaneous teleportation but are currently broken and crash the game.
  11. This is almost always a server problem. This can mean 3 things: 1. Your in a corrupted chunk (if the server crashes after joining this is the problem 99% of the time) 2. The server is laaaaaaaggy 3. You have a bad connection, either yours or the servers
  12. go into your "controls" and set the [GC]Open Map to an unused key
  13. Haven't tested fusion in multiplayer yet, but I know fission works (seems to be slightly reduced though). Perhaps try using steam funnels and pumping the steam into turbines? Gives less overall output but may work. Also make sure your using individual turbines and not a large turbine, those don't work.
  14. You can see people on zan's minimal too, and both minima's use depth to determine if you can see them. (In other words you have to be near their y level).
  15. Fission reactor: surround in water source blocks, put turbines above Fusion: Pump tritium (tritium is made in an chemical extracter using deuterium) and deuterium in plasma heater, power plasma heater, pump plasma (fluiducts recommended) into reactor cell, build normal design around reactor cell
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