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Group Manager and Tekkit

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I'm having trouble setting up permissions on my Tekkit server with Group Manager.

I'm famailair with Group Manager and have used it in the past. I set it up as I normally do, but this time on a Tekkit server I've started. Essentials works and so does parts of Group Manager. I can make new groups and add people to them, but no matter what I've tried, it doesn't actually apply the permissions. Someone in a group that has 'essentials.sethome' can't set home.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right as I have done in the past. Does Group Manager have compatability issues with Tekkit, and if so, how can I set up permisisons?


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I use Group Manager on my Tekkit server, and all my permissions work properly.. I can only assume you don't have it set up properly.

The only problem I find is when you set the build permission to false, and it doesn't honor it.. only thing I have found so far.

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