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Use vanilla map on tekkit server

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I played a couple of weeks on a bukkit server (1.2.5) when i saw tekkit. I would love to play on tekkit, but with my old map. So I uploaded my old map to the tekkit server, but when I logged in, the map seems to be completly different. When I logged in, i was at complete different coordinates. When i walked back to the coordinates where my house was (in the bukkit server), it was a total different biome.

It seems like tekkit rewrite's the complete map. Is there anyway to prevent this, and to play trough with my old map?



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Tekkit is still on 1.1. The map format changed in 1.2.3 so your 1.2.5 map is not recognized by tekkit and it therefore creates a new one. even if you could get it working, you would have no copper, no tin, no rubber trees, etc. so you probably want to start a new server anyway.

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