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A self resetting puzzle map


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Hi All

Just a little map I put together for my game design class Final in school. We were given a short timeline (IE. less than three weeks!) to complete a full game for the final in the class, so several of us choose to us Minecraft as our base and created games within minecraft.

I used the Technic pack simply because I found it had many more cool items and included several helpful mods.

This map was intended to be self resetting, so I didn't have to constantly be resetting the game during the testing phase like many others who made minecraft puzzle maps. You SHOULD be able to complete about 5 play troughs before chests and dispensers have to be refilled. I'm not entirely sure if this map has completely full chests or not, as I simply grabbed it from my student folder and stuck it here.

The game is built around the premises that after completing 2 separate puzzles, you face a final boss before being returned to the spawn room. This allows to game to rapidly be replayed by several people. Enjoy using this with friends, see who can complete the map the fastest, or who can complete the map at all. We had several problems with people unable to complete the map because of deaths and inability to complete puzzles. I'm about 90% sure that this was due to N00bs in the class, because I can complete the map without deaths in about 10 minutes, while others took 30-45 minutes to complete the map.


There aren't many notable bugs with the redstone wiring, I spent a fair amount of time getting the kinks out of the map. However there are a few quirks within the game itself, those being.

-Mobs will spawn in the safe room and starting room of the mob arena, this is due to a few spawners being too close to the walls, has not been patched.

-The pressure plates on the return tunnel from the mob arena require 5 minutes to reset, as at the time I did not know how to make a self resetting pressure plate system. However the path cannot be returned to after exiting and it is EXTREMELY unlikely that anyone would be able to come through the puzzle again in under 5 minutes.

-Same pressure plates cannot detect exactly what Items are dropped on them, so cheating does/can occur in this section.

-TNT traps sometimes do not work due to my poor mechanism design

- TNT traps also can "jam" when a piece of TNT gets stuck on the ledge with the redstone torch that lighted it, the resulting explosion will set off the other pieces of TNT usually resulting in a massive crater in the ground, and cheating is required to proceed past the locked door at the end of the puzzle.

- the final boss is extremely buggy, sometimes there will be mass amounts of mobs as intended, and other times will find a mere lone skeleton as the final boss, sometimes is very disappointing, in a future version, I would use a series of dispensers rather than spawners in this room.

-Final bug; Door leading from final boss room to trophy room will sometimes stay open, resulting in mobs entering the trophy room, press the map reset button on the wall to fix this problem.

If you find any other bugs, please let me know about them.

yes, yes I know the map is full of inside jokes that won't apply to anyone who wasn't in the game design class and the instructions located around the map look like they were designed for 5 year olds who haven't played a game before. These were some requirements for the class.

Map Available at:


I'm pretty sure you can find installation instructions on these forums if you don't know how to install it already. This map was designed to run on Technic, and will NOT run on Vanilla Minecraft. Not tested in Tekkit.

EDIT: after some testing at home, Technic will NOT load the map correctly. However Tekkit will. If technic spawns you in a millenere village, please try it in Tekkit, sorry for that.

If you feel somewhat trolled on several portions of this map...... Don't worry that was all intended XD.

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Trying to show off the map without giving away too much....


Spawn room, full of text that is absolutely laughable if you've played minecraft before.


Some parts of the puzzle map are sneaky........ ;)


The main lobby found later in the game.


Just a small chunk of the map.


About 12 hours overall (Minecraft lists 11.8) were spent on this map.

It was tested by a total of 20 people, 7 of which were able to complete the map.


If you do get stuck on Puzzle 1: Mob fighting/logic, and continue to die in the mob arena, go complete puzzle 2 first, you get more armor in puzzle 2 than you will in puzzle 1, and you get to keep it!

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