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Cargo Loader pipes overflowing


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I am having an issue I can't seem to fix with the cargo loader for galacticraft rockets. 


It seems to draw items from a chest even when the box is full, which clogs whichever pipe I use, and/or starts dumping blocks onto the ground.


Has anyone had any luck with using this? As of now I can get the rocket to cycle back and forth, but the loader keeps overflowing. 


Thank you!

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I have never used Galacticraft much, and honestly I first thought you were referring to the Railcraft Loader.


However, the overflowing problem could be a remnant of the old Buildcraft pipe logic - where this was intentional, forcing users to build around it. If so, you may want to look into Extra Utilities item pipes. There is a Rationing Pipe that will only ever drop one stack of a given item into its target inventory, preventing overflows. Keep in mind that you need to put an Item Node at the extracting end of the pipe to pull items. You could either try and put the Rationing Pipe on the buffer chest, or directly on the loader.

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