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need help to install plugins


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Hey everybody,


i have a Hexxit server since a few moth and now i try to install some plugins with bukkitforge (MC 1.5.2) for a better gameplay

Some of the plugins work but not all


installed successful:

Chestlock, ColorPortals, ColoredSigns, PermissionsEx, SimpleMail, SimpleSpawn, Towny (without Questioner and TownyChat), Welcome Message, WorldEdit, IConomy, Vault


i think that all of these work correctly (didn't findy any problem)


now there are three plugins, wich doesn't work and i dont know why


SignShop (or chestshop)


i'm sure that i installed these for MC 1.5.2. The problems are:

at Authme dont let me tipe anything in the chat (so i cant login) and also i cant open the menu or something else

at SignShop i cant activate the Shop (placed all correctly) if i use redstone on chest and sign nothing happen

at chestshop if i hit on the sign, i sell the item (e.g. stone) but the amount from the stack won't decrease, also if i try to buy i dont get anything, but i get/lose the money


anyone know a solution?? maybe there is a conflict with the other plugins??




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