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Greetings. I am rather new to the forum in the sense that i have not posted an awful lot at all, but believe me i do lurk. Now, onto my point: I am doing some research, before setting out on the grand adventure it would no doubt be, to make my own mod. I have some pretty big plans and ideas, and if i can really go through with it, i hold little doubt that it will be a great mod. However, at the moment, this is all speculation, as i have nowhere near the required knowledge to write a mod as complex as the one i have in mind. However, the reason for my posting here is this: does anyone know where i might be able to find the source code for industrial-craft? i have no plans to steal from this great mod, but i wish to learn from it. I believe the basic system of it translates more or less to what i have in mind for my mod, and as such it would be great to possibly see for myself how someone else solved the problems.

Before you ask, i'm afraid i can't let anyone besides my helpers know the actual contents of the mod, as the actual development of it is a little too far into the future, and as such, anyone would be able to take my idea and program it on their own, leaving me with nothing to do about it. paranoid: check. but nonetheless.

Thanks in advance

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ah, now there's an idea. thanks! (x

still, i think i will (by the time i actually start doing the moddery) use this thread for feedback on the actual mod itself, if everyone agrees this is the right place for it.

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