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Searching player for coop Let's Play for new Tekkit


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Hello everyone.

As the title pretty much describes, I want to start a coop let's play with Tekkit, when it is released. I am searching for another player to do this with.

Here is a little about requirements:

  • [li]Must have a decent microphone with Mumble client.[/li]
    [li]Age: 15 or above.[/li]
    [li]Tekkit, ofcourse.[/li]
    [li]Some knowledge about some of the mods in Tekkit.[/li]
    [li]Maybe being able to record your own videos, this will be discussed after you have been chosen.[/li]
    [li]Be able to speak pretty good English so it's easy to understand what you're saying.[/li]
    [li]Be able to record about twice a week, with set dates and times for easier organisation.[/li]

These are the requirements. The kind of person i'm mostly on the lookout for is someone who can give the videos more of a creative/silly touch, as I'm more of a technical person.

So, a bit about myself:

I am 16 years old and live in Denmark. Since i live in Denmark, you should either live in Europe too or if you live in USA, be able to record in the morning or by noon, maybe a bit after noon because of the time difference.

I have played Minecraft since the release of beta, and plan on becoming a game developer myself some day. I am currently studying, which is usually from 8-14 here in Denmark which is +1 timezone.

The technical part:

I will be taking care of most of the technical part like filming, editing, uploading etc. altough, there may be parts where you will have to do some stuff, depends.

If you fit all the requirements and want to do this with me, please write an apply, telling a little about yourself, what you do, why you want to make videos with me and what you can contribute with. Hopefully i will write back soon and maybe we can talk a bit more with each other so we can get to know each other a bit better.

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I might be interested. The time zone might make it difficult though so maybe not.

Yeah, that's a problem, but i wont be able to record at night since i have to go to school in the day, and it's like 17-18 or something in USA when i am going to bed here.

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Hello Neighbor! I am a 20 year dude and live in Sweden!

Though this would be great fun as I fill about all the requirements! =D

I have a very good microphone. A Röde NT1-a. Mumble client is something you can just download and install right??

I have technic pack yes. But I guess we wait for the 2.0 to be released first? And Yes I've been playing with technic pack quite a bit so I know quite much about all the mods, however not the ones being added in 2.0.

I have A decent computer so recording vids is no problem I should think. Got Fraps installed.

As for my English my dear father is from London so I fluent good English. As for recording times, I am at university now so I might not be able to record some days. But I think there will be no problems to have two rec days a week.

And yes, people enjoy playing with me because I am a bit of a silly person. Like to say stupid things to make my friends laugh. So If your the technical person I am the entertainer, not that your not funny or anything =p. I like to build crazy stuff and talk to cows and sheep or hit them with various objects like seeds or grilled chicken. If you feel like it, please mail me and we can talk and se how we fit together. Ta-ta!

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I would like to do a tekkit lets play with you. I live in the US and you are 6 hours ahead of me but we can work something out. i can record but my editing skills are limited. I am 30 years old and have been playing minecraft since alpha and playing technic for a few months. I love the modpack and only play tekkit now on a private server with a friend. I really like organizing and building sorting machines plus machines to automate cooking stone, making stairs, and other little things like that.

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