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AMB Factory


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I wanted to make a factory to practice and to learn how IC2 machines work. Here's the factory I made.

It uses energy (a lot) to make Advanced Machine Blocks. Why Advanced Machine Blocks? I don't know :|

The large stone building is a Cobblestone Generator.

[img width=800]http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/918/20120524150216.png

[img width=800]

[img width=800]

[img width=800]

[img width=800]

[img width=800]http://img848.imageshack.us/img848/8521/20120524150336.png

[img width=800]http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/4839/20120524150357.png

[img width=800]

Red wires: used to turn on/off the redstone engines

White wires: used to give redstone signals to some machines, such as Rotary Macerators and Induction Furnaces

Blue wires: used to turn on/off the Mass Fabricator

Green wires: used to turn on/off the cobblestone generator

Yellow wires: gives signal when at least one of the MFSU's is out of power.

The majority of cables providing energy (glass fibre cables) are underground.

The green and red lights tell you if the machines are on or off.

The two red lights at the right are alarms: the first one tells you if an MFSU is out of power. The second one tells you that an MFSU has once been out of power (using an RS NOR Latch)

The button on the right resets the RS NOR Latch.

I know it's not that great. It's kinda slow and useless, unless you want a stack of Advanced Machine Blocks. It's the first thing I made in Technic Pack so I hope you like it.

Took me about half an hour to design, three hours to build.

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Wait, a cobble generator? How do you use cobblestone to make coal, copper, tin and iron? EE condensors?

Nice build though, but to get more advanced and automated, you should use Logistics pipes :D.

I use Mass Fabricators to create the stuff needed to make everything. The cobblestone is used as material for the Recycler to create Scrap so that the Mass Fabricators will run faster.

About the Logistics Pipes, I have no idea how they work. :( I've only been playing Technic for about a month and I'd never played any mod before that so I don't (yet) understand everything. Do you know of any tutorials on Logistics Pipes?

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