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There are actually four different ways to do that, depending on the number of friends and what you are aiming at.


1. Open your singleplayer game to LAN

This option is found in the ingame menu. It will allow you to open the internal server of your singleplayer game, so other clients can join it. Not sure if this will work over Internet, or if you need a VPN to extend it that way.


2. Host your own dedicated server

You need to download the matching server package for the modpack and version you play. For recommended Tekkit 1.2.9e, this can be obtained here. You need to run the server separately from your client, ideally on another computer than you're playing on yourself.


Both these options require some network settings that may need configuring. You also need some minimal admin skills. So if you find this too difficult to do for yourself, you have two more options.


3. Rent a server

While Minecraft Realms does not work with mods yet, there are server services for rent out there that offer full modpack support.


4. Join an existing server together

There are servers of all sizes out there, the trouble is picking one you can agree on. We have a section here on the forums about Tekkit servers.

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