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Trying to install Tekkit on an external server... HELP!

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I should state that I have mediocre knowledge of the follow topics. Just going to put that out there.

So I've been playing Tekkit on a friend's server: IE his computer acting as a server. I enjoy it thoroughly, so much so that I would like to play when he is not on and have him be able to do the same.

So I rented a server, got minecraft running just fine on it. Things were good.

I tried installing Tekkit on my server, and now I am lost beyond comprehension...

The server is hosted by VeryGames.co.uk. They have a little gui through their website where you access your server, it's a little slow but it works... Now they have 3 options for minecraft server hosting: 1: vanilla (eww) 2: CraftBukkit (a series of preloaded mods such as lockette etc.) and 3: Openmod Java, where you install your own mods. I obviously chose 3 as that is the only way to install Tekkit on the server.

The folders and such are an issue on their FTP set up, but I have followed their wiki to the T.

What the issue is is this: the server will not read the Tekkit.jar file no matter what I try. No matter where I put it or what I do or how many times I download Tekkit and upload it to my server, it will not read it. I'm tired of my console saying "Error: Unable to access jarfile tekkit.jar Server restart in 10 seconds"

VeryGames' forums are extremely blank when it comes to issues that deal with Openmod Java servers, and they even say themselves that there is very little help with and plugin issues with Openmod server.

I know I'm being vague but there is a lot of info to sort through to troubleshoot this, so I'm reaching out.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

I'm simply not going back to vanilla minecraft...

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Pretty sure it's been covered on the forums. If I'm not mistaken, you're supposed to rename Tekkit.jar to CraftBukkit.jar (and ensure the server is set up to run a Bukkit server, I believe).


That's just the start up link from one host but you should contact your host to help you with the install or do it for you.

You may be able to find a solution online that'll work for you but if you're paying someone to host a server for you, they should at least tell you how to set it up properly or help you with the process...you are paying them after all.


Given the explanation from the link I would try this:

1. switch your server to the second option - Bukkit.

2. Check what file is being launched to start the server (eg. craftbukkit_soandso.jar).

3. Shut down the server.

4. Go in FTP and clear everything out

5. Install Tekkit.

6. Rename Tekkit.jar to the file name from step 2 (eg. craftbukkit_soandso.jar).

7. Run the server and test.

I'm no server expert but I'd say it's worth a shot. Please report back if that worked or not and, if the problem persists, you may get a better answer by morning.

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Yeah Thanks.

The forums on verygames website are INCREDIBLY sparse.

I actually got it working, would you believe all I was missing was renaming the jar file?

Dang I feel stupid lol...

Thanks for the speedy reply by the way, and mods: feel free to close this thread.


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I actually got it working, would you believe all I was missing was renaming the jar file?


This isn't Shakespeare, most computers go apeshit if they're looking for something that's the wrong name ;p

No problem, glad you got it working with minimal problems (hope it stays that way ;p).

Well, now that you know, why don't you create a proper and well-formatted forum post to help other users of that host to install Tekkit in the future (if they're so inclined).

When you do that remember to tell people exactly what file name you ended up giving it and why (if CraftBukkit.jar works, great; if it's a specific name like in the link, is it the same or different and how did you find out which name would work - that way if it changes in the future your thread can still help).

Happy mining, mate.

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Good idea. When I get a chance I may do just that, however it really is EXTREMELY easy to set up, I just didn't know I had to rename the .jar to be honest.

Also with some searching there is a step by step instruction of how to do it on here... foolish me for not searching hard enough before posting.

Again, thanks for the help.

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