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Good Techno-wizards, a moment of your time, at your convienence...

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I was not exactly sure where to ask this, please redirect me if required--


I have a small, private B team server.  I am by no means a practiced techno wizard so excused the lack of proper terms. A player killed an enderman and then came to a laggy halt. It effected the entire server somewhat, but the immediate chunk where it happened claims there are now 5200+ enities existing.  This is not an out of the way chunk or anything.  Is there a way/plugin to wipe out those entities in that chunk? 

Having all players leave that area unloads the chunk and relieves the lag, but to return brings all the entities back as well.  I really am not sure what or how much info is needed here, but will provide all I can.


Thanks in advance for your guidance,




PS-- They are invisible entities, if that makes any difference

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Often it's caused by whatever is built at a place - if the player rebuilds the same structure or machine that corrupted the world, it might corrupt again, although in your case it doesn't sound like players built anything there to cause a crash, so it's probably a random thing.

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Entities can also be killed with /cofh killall <entity_name> (replace <entity_name> with the offending entity name) as well as being removed with MCEdit (no need to delete that chunk) - also, if you have technical issues (crashing, etc) in the future, post on the tracker, link at top of page or in signature below.

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