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Getting a quarry to send items directly to ME storage


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I currently have a "Computer System" set up using the ME componants (ME Drive, ME Controller, ME Crafting Terminal & 4x 1kb drives) I also have a quarry going, I would like the quarry to directly send the items it mines straight to the computer, is there a way of doing so?



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If you have tesseracts, stick on the quarry for power and item transfer, and stick a precision import bus on the receiving tesseract at your base, and set it to stack mode.

If you are item ducting to chests, just put that precision import bus on the chest.

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Perfect, that makes complete sense now you've said it, I just wasn't sure what bus to use. I don't have the ender pearls to make the tesseracts at the moment, maybe its something I can aim for. Thank you for your help!!

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you don't need the import bus, just put a interface next to the receiving tesseract in your base.


Also these 4 1k drives will overflow really soon since theres much cobble in a quarry hole...

I admit building some DeepStorageUnits and connecting them to your ME-Network using Storage buses.

You can configure the Storage bus to take just a single item e.g. cobblestone.


You'll still see all your cobble in the terminal, but it'll be stored in the DSU and that will save you space on your drives ;)

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