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block placement


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Consider a block. It has 6 faces. 1 per side. This allows you to attach one block to another side.

What if you would allow two blocks attached to one block side? or even 4?

I don't think it would be an easy build, especially if you need to modify terrain generation, but I do think it would make everything look way more awesome and open some new build/design opportunities.

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Minecraft does not allow multiple things to be in one block. It just physically is not possible without rewriting the entirety (and I do mean the entirety) of Minecraft.

Redpower and the Little Blocks mod get away with it by using custom renderers: They store the data of what's in a block (such as covers on tubes and frames, or all the blocks inside the little block), and draw/manipulate them separately. That's why microblock covers don't work on non-Redpower blocks, and it's why the Little Blocks mod doesn't work well with non-vanilla blocks.

This limitation in minecraft is why you can't have a pressure plate right next to a door, for instance, and why you can't have water flowing through grass instead of destroying it, or a torch or fence sticking in snow. There just isn't any way around it.

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