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quick question reguarding tekkit 2.0


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i remember in the video of the new launcher that it uses spout

does that mean, assuming i get spout working on tekkit that i can consider my clients all have spoutcraft when 2.0 comes out?

(i ask cause there are 2 gun plugins for spoutcraft\bukkit that IMHO would go well with tekkit, specially for the campagin i am running)

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No. The Technic Launcher is a fork of the Spout launcher, but that is all it shares. It isn't spout, it hasn't been made to work with Spout in mind.

The way it works is the server/client are synced, so when you run a Tekkit server you can rest assured that people connecting to your server with the launcher will connect just fine.

Are you allergic to the shift key as well?

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thanks for the quick answer!

and yes please execuse my disability, a shift key mocked my feelings a few days back

here are a few more question;s should you feel talkative!

1. is the announcment of the ANVIL maping system going to help tekkit in any way and if so how.

2. although spout seems to becomming (slowly) the go-to modding thing along side bukkit for SMP do you think its worth investing time in making Tekkit compaitable with it, when jens keeps hinting at a "magical new" MOD API thats going to solve all the problems

3. would you ever consider making certain mods that are not SMP, SMP to work with TEKKIT or is that beyond your scobe for the future?

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