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Error installing the Hexxit modpack (Wants to delete file)


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Hello my name is Jax and I am a new player to the technic/mudpack community. I have only played two mod packs. I have played Attack of the B-Team, and Hexxit. A couple nights ago was my first time playing Hexxit and I just absolutely loved it! I played it quite a bit that day, then I got off so I could get ready for bed since I had school the next day. Well when I get home the next day my father lets me play on my computer, so I was going to play some more Hexxit when I clicked play the bar wasn't loading. I found it kind of odd, but I eventually ended up reseting the pack which I figured would fix everything and then I could move on. Well then trying to install the mod pack a error message popped up saying

"Error installing the following pack: Hexxit
An error occurred while attempting to delete 'C:UsersJaxAppDataRoaming.technicmodpackshexxitmods1.5.2 DamageIndicators v2.7.0.1 .zip'
from the cache:
Please check your system settings."


Which I did check my system settings, I looked at the forums to see if anybody had any problems related to mine, but I just had no luck. I then looked to youtube for a tutorial on help, but nothing worked. I planned on renting a server to play hexxit on with a couple of my friends, but I won't be able to play because this is the same situation for most other modpacks for me. Please help me, and thankyou for your time in reading my forum and giving your best to help.

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