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No sound and too much sound.

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I'm currently playing a test world on 3.0.3 and for some reason I have no sound for any of the basics like walking, destroying a block, mining and even the title screen button sounds. Some machines however still make sounds like the macerator and if I use a Swiftwolf's Rendering Gale then the sound gets burst out over and over and over and over when I activate it until I drop the item.

I also have no basic sounds when reverting back to previous versions but the SRG doesn't loop its sound.

Anyone able to help me in this matter?


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IC2 items are tripping balls with their sound effects (at least in Tekkit 2.x). You can disable the sounds in your local client config file.

IndustrialCraft: open your .minecraft folder. There is a folder called “config”, inside is a file called “IC2.cg”. Open it in a plain text editor and look for the line “soundsEnabled=true”, change it to “soundsEnabled=false”. Restart your client.

Redpower: also inside your .minecraft folder is another folder called “redpower” with a file inside called “redpower.cfg”. Near the very bottom is a line “logic.enableSounds=1”, change this to “logic.enableSounds=0” and save. Restart your client.

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