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Tekkit survival multiplayer! 4 player versus!


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Yes! The map is out and ready for some testing if you find any bugs please post them below!

Notice! looking for best tekkit sever out there?

look no more http://axis-mundi.cu.cc/

Dedicated sever 150 slots!

Sever specs:

Intel Xeon i7 2.66GHz


2 TB 7.2k HDD Raid 0

100-1000 MBit Bandwidth (100 MBit Guaranteed)

Traffic per month: Unlimited






Note: you need tekkit sever version 3.0.3.

You can play on tekkit version 3.0.4 but do not /reload or you wont be able to craft anything until you restart

I am not making technic version

this is for 1.2.5 tekkit

Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/?cbjevia1z88zd72

Please let me no if you come across any bugs

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sorry, but i'm trying this on singleplayer to see if it was a good map and i put in the iron furnace and ends up its broken or something i looked inside with creative and there were a ton of invisible pipes. Please fix looks like a very good map otherwise

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Ok the iron furnace works fine for me. My only problem was to get to the nether. Finaly I got there, but it was difficult.

My Problem: In the nether is only one Portal (I'm playing with friends). I left the nether and landed in a Portal behind the Stations, where you have to put your items in.

And you should use regulators. That's a lot more compact.

I hope you could understand my post ;)

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