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DNA extractor Organic Drop extraction


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So I've build an auto spawning system using the DNA cloner from AG. I've got everything automated, from auto scraping to auto transporting all my skin scales and cells and insulated cells...

BUT, the whole system clogs up when the container in the DNA extractor for organic drops is full. I'm trying to auto-extract the organic drops, but nothing does it. Not a combustion generator next to it, not even with the auto-output upgrade, not a hopper, and not even a projectred routed interface pipe with the organic drop white listed in the extractor chip. Is it bugged or am I doing it wrong?


I also tried item ducts, modified with a pneumatic servo, doesn't work either. I'm perfectly able to extract the cells though...

Also I posted this in the wrong place since this is on my single player map... Sorry.

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AG is purposefully set so that you can't automate the removal of the organic drops.  You're going to have to do it manually :(


That makes sense since it would be a powerful way to auto spawn any type of mob, infinite and held active by chunk loaders.

That's all because the auto spawner needs mob essence and mob spawners (vanilla cages) needs you to be around...


D*mn, really, is there no other way to have mobs spawn infinite while your far away from that chunk?


Btw, SuppiKun, where did you get that info?

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the only way i can think of is the MFR autospawner. if you fuel it with mobessence gathered from a sewer (under your cattlefarm for instance) and give it enough Rastafaries, things should be easy going once you have set up a poppet shelf.

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