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  1. That makes sense since it would be a powerful way to auto spawn any type of mob, infinite and held active by chunk loaders. That's all because the auto spawner needs mob essence and mob spawners (vanilla cages) needs you to be around... D*mn, really, is there no other way to have mobs spawn infinite while your far away from that chunk? Btw, SuppiKun, where did you get that info?
  2. So I've build an auto spawning system using the DNA cloner from AG. I've got everything automated, from auto scraping to auto transporting all my skin scales and cells and insulated cells... BUT, the whole system clogs up when the container in the DNA extractor for organic drops is full. I'm trying to auto-extract the organic drops, but nothing does it. Not a combustion generator next to it, not even with the auto-output upgrade, not a hopper, and not even a projectred routed interface pipe with the organic drop white listed in the extractor chip. Is it bugged or am I doing it wrong? Edit: I also tried item ducts, modified with a pneumatic servo, doesn't work either. I'm perfectly able to extract the cells though... Also I posted this in the wrong place since this is on my single player map... Sorry.
  3. I believe they adjusted the chance that pulverised wool will drop their dye, so the auto dye generator on wool doesn't work any-more... RIP
  4. So if I read this correctly, not an altar, not the poppet shelf or a chunk loader from MFR will activate a vanilla spawner. And is this only for AOTB or for all of minecraft? Also the only known method now is gathering a lot of mob essence and having a chunk loader load a MFR mob spawner to spawn whatever you need... So has anyone tested, that when you clone yourself with the sync mod, and leave your original self, that it acts like a "player" to activate vanilla spawners, or does that bring us back to dwwojcik's anwser? (no substitutes available...)
  5. Thanks BrowserXL, that's usefull info.
  6. Just a (probably noob) question: is village spawning activated again? it would be great to work with villagers again...
  7. You guys, I don't seem to find a village in AOTB. Does is has to do with the 1.0.12a update?
  8. True, I lowered myself to your level. I shouldn't have. And I wont again. I've had my full of this pointless discussion, I'll just restrict myself to reply to people who have something valuable to say. I shouldn't have thought that my first plea would be properly interpreted. It's as Nitus said, to you it's all venom, I shouldn't have reacted to ill pointed insults. FyberOptic, I can't agree more with what you say. I guess it's also better formulated.
  9. Neowulf, you're totally out of control... You're mixing truths with ridicules fantasies. I think we both know a lot about gaming, but we're not talking about the same. A lot of things you say is true, but you just don't get my point. FyberOptic apparently does, and I believe it's because he's not raging... Just calm down. I realise I was to drastic in my first plea, but you should read what comes afterwards too. Melfice: If you just take the time to see what I did write, this isn't all that big of a fuss. And as I said before, it's just an opinion. I feel passionate about mine, you feel passionate, fantasising about doomsday nutters. I mean, "doomsday nutters" ? ... lol And you can type in normal font size if you want to say something buddy. If you took the effort of reading my last words, you would have noticed I moved on...
  10. 1. Thanks for the fun fact. Seems my problem is solved then. 2. Quite frankly what really "fluff" is, is that this is only your opinion. And quite frankly that in itself is also fluff. 3. I am indeed using an analogy based on games that at their core are drastically different to MC, but it is not that core that I am discussing, it is the fun factor in the games, and that my friend is the same for all games. 4. If there is no precedent established that suggests that Microsoft is going to do what I am saying, then all will be good, won't it?
  11. I base that on the fact that no mod will ever work if MS blocks it off. It also makes sense that they would since they are not making money out of all the mods currently available, unless it is for the obligation to purchase MC first. It seems highly possible that they would find a strategy to gain money for modded play, and that would mean a great restriction on the creators of them compared to as it is now. First of all, I think you're just happy that you can abuse my words to speak for your cause. Just the fact that you mention hate, while there is none on my behalf, proves that you're the one who has that emotion. It's called Psychological projection. I think you know a lot of facts about MS and more so about computing. But this is not about that, I appreciate what MS does on the computing side. But this is about Minecraft and the possible end of good mods, and therefore mod-packs. Every time I try to state this, loud an clear, you start ranting like a wounded toddler who has no skill in dealing with his own personal problems. I'll react to your 4 statements for all the readers of this thread, not because I want to give in to your mutilated understanding of the issue here. I do not recognise your remarks on behalf of your personal discomforts. Period. 1. You obviously understand the actual working of java and the engine behind MC more than I do. Unfortunately for your need of acknowledgement on this subject, it is irrelevant, because the end result is the same: MS can perfectly block of the participation of third persons or companies who make mods for the game. 1. Because it doesn't give them extra profit, and 2. it doesn't give them credit. In MY opinion it would give them great credit because they are A: noble in recognising the magnificent work of modders and B: keeping the general public happy and therefore giving them reasons to keep paying/buying MC. It would however only generate a small portion of money, and that is a good reason to doubt if they would leave the modding alone as it is now. 2. A: I don't know and I don't care, it is irrelevant to this problem, this is about minecraft. B: the reason i just mentioned in point 1. C: I know, that's why I liked Mojang more at the end. And I'm grateful for that. 3. This is where you totally don't understand me. It's not INITIALLY about "freely available user generated content" it's INITIALLY about "freely available content", and the potential of the "user generated content" being taken away. And there are plenty examples of "freely available content" being taken away. That's why I'm saying that when MS would cross the border of taking away the user generated contend, that they would shoot in their own foot as wall as in the heart of the gamers. And to give you an example: look at "Final Fantasy XIII-2". For generations (probably older that you) the Final Fantasy series have had no obligation to pay for completing the game 100%. In "FFXIII-2", you have to buy extra abilities. In past games of the series it was acquired trough gaming (that was real fun!). It is one of the cores of gaming to be rewarded for efforts, that's why every one would brag at school when we where young if we trained a pokemon to level 100 in pokemon red/blue, that's why we would feel satisfied when we defeated an extra boss or gained an ultimate sword. Nowadays, many of that great content is locked behind real money. It's a strategy for making money like every other: you take away what ppl want/wish and only give it to them if they pay for it. Actually if you just look at 99% of all the games in the apple's app store, almost all the extra content isn't free... (Oh no did I just shock you? I said something negative about apple, perhaps I'm not a MS hater...) 4.It almost gives me a feeling of compassion to see you struggling to actually read what I say. I never said anything about the end of the world silly... Just the end of the current mod-packs of minecraft. (Perhaps that's the reason I'm posting this on the forum of one of the greatest MODPACK organisations) And to answer the real question: I don't expect anything FROM you or technik. I can't I'm an end user who is already grateful for what I've been given in the past, I simply ask. And what I ask is IF there is a way to secure the possibility to game the mod-packs that are existing now, then please do it. But as you said, that would be illigal, thus ending my plea. Hey and if you really mean what you say : "I for one am keeping options in mind as this plays out, ranging from "Ah good, MC is not changing in a significant way" to "Ah well, they screwed MC so I guess I'll go throw my support behind one of the clones.", I can totally say yes to that! I would even say the same for crying out loud (dammit is it so hard to understand this?) So in stead of fantasising about what you THINK I said, just read what I say...
  12. ... euhm, making it closed scource? Leaving out mods? Or at least asking money for them in some sort of way? (what a tarded question) You also seem to have a deep need for acknowledgement for MS's contribution to the computer world? you keep dragging it into the discussion, while this one is about gaming and MC... Haha, so funny to see you drag apple into this, so typical... Well... One thing is for sure, you don't know what'll come. And you won't prepare for it. Ok I get it. Good luck weeping over your loss of game-content.
  13. There you've said it. The freaking market trends. If we follow them wo mostly get: 1. More money 2. Less decent product And that's logical, because most people are to stupid to ask what they really want. They just get excited over some spectacle. And if you give them something decent, they won't realise it untill it's gone. A strong company creates what the ppl need, not what the shout for. And what ppl need, ... well... just type "minecraft" in youtube... You won't see much vanilla minecraft... I didn't miss the fact it was sarcasm. If you sarcasticly say MC moved to "such an evil power", you're actually saying that you don't believe that. And as it was an answer to me, it must have been an answer to me saying something about MS that would lead you to believe I find this change evil, and thus thereby misunderstanding what I was saying... (it's okay if you got lost half-way the sentence) The change can't be called "evil" yet because no real change has happened. (If you're really sharp, you can notice that you're being a hypocrite here. Because here you reveal that it is you who is panicking. But never mind, that would lead us to far...) What I WAS saying is that it would be a logical move to backup what we have now independently, if it where possible.
  14. Hmm, if you think this is "freaking out" you should look around you bud, I'm quite calm about this. So Fyberoptic, thanks for a constructive answer, a thing not to be said about all repliers. I believe what you say is true. BUT "the game" you are talking about, might as well change in any form. And I'm not entirely sure of the UELA staying the same when Microsoft owns it: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/developer/rules You're actually smarter than you think, I think.
  15. You didn't pay for the full game dummy, you payed to permanently log in to the game. But since that game might change completely, you might as well have bought a ticket that says"MS will now choose what you will get". If I buy a game on a DVD-rom, THEN I bought a full game... tss, noise...If you read my post correctly, smart mouth, you should know I also said make a full INDEPENDANT copy of what we have now, since I follow your logic of having paid for the game. It just might not be that game any more later on... You sure? You sure you're not the stupid one: to believe that? Just saying... All I hear is loud yelling. "I'm not afraid! I will adept! I love change!". Well, good job, you don't understand the message at all... You're totally on the wrong track, and you just showed us all how you prolong a true confrontation with reality. And that is actually the whole point. Change happens, things change, sometimes good, sometimes it's f*cked up, and sometimes it's in between. But that doesn't mean you should neglect what might happen in the future. It's true that we often don't have any control over bad things, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't learn from past events and stop anticipating. True that we don't know what will happen, but you ever heard of "better safe than sorrow"? This reminds me of an amorous Disney movie that many people live in, you can't argue with them, they are always right, untill... reality hits them. And you know, I'm fine with that, I'm a bit romantic myself from time to time. But what I absolutely despise is that, they complain about the problems afterwards. Have the decency to stop making statements that are just invalid. Like: "stop fear-mongering". Fear and logical risk covering are 2 different thing My'Lord.. So should you cry about loosing your minecraft world (for instance because of incompatibility and therefore impossible to load it: goodby 500hours game play), loosing your beloved friend-community and you beloved mod-packs that make that minecraft experience just over the top, I should come and mock the soul out of you. I'm not afraid, I'm just saying do what you can to secure the game for what it is now! It MIGHT not even be a shadow of what it is now. If it will be, the better for every one. But pls stop beïng naïve, or try to proclaim not to care and see it all. (by the way that wouldn't be an adult behaviour, but anyway...) So true: stop fear-mongering, but you should say that to another person, in another conversation kid. This is about trying not to cry afterwards, WOULD it go wrong. That being said, Microsoft doesn't give hope for fun enhancement, in the past they often did the opposite.
  16. So I'm reading in between the lines, the best game ever has to go underground to survive? ... All I'm thinking now is the old true Gamer's saying: "Why won't you take my f*cking money?". I mean it, I would gladly pay more, and more frequently to game AOTB as is it right now, with the sphax texture pack and all. Seriously, like €15,00 every month. If MS does improve the game, and not by altering it, but by refining it, the game is worth that subscription. I've paid more for lesser games...
  17. Omg, does no one of you guys know what is going on? The hole attitude of "let's just wait and see" is just sickening! Does no one know what MS did to the gaming industry years back? I have an armoured suitcase with a brand new PS2 and my favourite games newly sealed, stored away. I keep a brand new television with SCART connection, and when 220v will disappear I will buy a generator. I will be able to game the games I love until I grow old, and I'll be able to share that experience with my children. If I didn't do that, in 10 years: I'll NEVER be able to explain to my children what "off line co-op gaming means". They'll NEVER learn to game from the same couch... Pray to God they'll even know what "playing outside" means by then... but anyway: Minecraft is/was a monument on it's own. You don't have to panic and say it'll disappear, but sitting duck and waiting is naïve. Technic, you should backup all that you have now, and make sure you can have your mod-packs running independent from MS. Now is THE time to make this independent back-up. Because if you wait, MS will cut the ropes, and MC as it is now, might for ever be lost. MOD makers are already starting to quit, imagine never to be able to play AOTB fully functional, this is madness. I know I can't call anyone anything, since I didn't create a MOD or a Game, but as a true gamer who has lived trough the whole gaming era, I know what true amusement is in games. Minecraft with Technic's MOD-packs is by far one of the most excellent experiences I've had. My god, if my old friends pay me a visit, I have to install my old SNES, because we've gone trough the good games of this century and find them... all played. Good games now are EXTREMELY rare. Thank god, more and more new small game houses are making semi-good games, but boy there is a lot of crap, Just look at Final fantasy, do it! Look at it. Play FF7 and then play FF XIII, FFXIII is graphically superior, but it's NOTHING compared to a real game. Seriously, some card games are more exciting than most news games. ANYWAY, 90% of what I just wrote is opinion. If you don't like it, be a grown-up and deal with it. If you should remember 1 thing: just acknowledge that MC is rare. Store it safe in a secure dungeon, and keep it accessible. Please... And for all the babies who say:"grow up yourself", well... I did. And I know the future decisions will almost always be based on profit, because that's what humans are like. Fair enough, but most of the time it's just greed and fear that drives the descission, not good heartedness or common sence. Therefore, if MC as it is right now will disappear, I just want to say thank you Technic, thank you for past experiences! I'll accept your death, if it would be so.
  18. So is this a known bug to the aotb team? Will it be fixed?
  19. The "shift click" also doesn't seem to work. I just unsummon them and go and collect everything at the bottom...
  20. Oh really? And what can you do about it? Is it a known bug? And thanks for the fast answer, wow!
  21. Hey guys, I've acquired a master staff and I can summon minions and have the dig a mineshaft. Only: they are invisible. Is this a known bug? How do I fix it? Thanks in advance.
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