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Tekkit 3.x.x Challenge List


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I am starting a new map seed on my server for my myself and a friend. We will be doing a survival island and we are looking for a list of creative challenges. Using search I found a list of very generic challenges and there was a reply by Milk with a great idea.

1) Create a geothermal powerplant in the nether, using lava lakes as your source. Then, find a way to transfer the power to the overworld for use there.

I have to admit that I do not know the updated mods very well and would like if anybody has ideas. I am looking for a good challenge for railcraft. Maybe something to the effect of all material from quarries must be brought back with carts and put into the sorting system.

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i have a few challenges for ya for 1.build a advanced railcraft system that goes from your home to your mine to you portla to you testing area or whatever you build 2. build a nucleorier reactor 560 blocks away from your mine 3. make quantum armour for you and your friends 4. terraform the nether to be a forest and the end to be a desert 5.find out the recipe of the nuke and blow up a creeper with it 6.take a 29 minute brake while finding the end 7.finish everything in the ee mod than give it to thr ocean 8. using pumps make 100x100 area of the ocean lower to the ground 9.take another 29 miute brake 10. blow up your home and start cimpletly new (using the same world).

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If a building challenge is what you seek, pick a set of wonders ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonders_of_the_World ) from a period and reproduce all 7. If you want a harder challenge, at least x of them (I recommend 1-2) cannot be made from any material harvested by or that's come in contact with anything EE2 (no EE2 tools, machines, transmuting, etc). You could also place such restrictions on other mods for the list of wonders.

If you're looking for a tech challenge, check out some of the challenges in the feed the beast map which is a sky lock with objectives. I recommend the new Feed the Beast Insane challenges because there are more of the and they require some interesting thinking to accomplish.

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