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[3.0.3] Massive client lag



Launcher/pack Version: tekkit 3.0.3/4 (latest dev build)

Operating System: windows 7 x64

Version of Java: java 7 oracle x64

Description of Problem: i get low FPS playing tekkit (4-8)

Error Messages: N/A

Link to pastebin of log: http://pastebin.com/RXgai2W7

when i'm on my own server (dedicated rented host) since i updated to 3.0.3 i get really low FPS typically about 4-8 with graphics set to minimum and sound off etc, however my CPU is running at about 30% and minecraft has 2gb of spare allocated memory it's not using. I'm pretty stumped, anyone got any ideas?

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dedicated rented host with windows 7? Really? -_-

if you read the post you'll see i have a client bug, windows 7 is what i play tekkit on, mentioning the dedicated host was so people knew it wasn't going to be server lag.

thanks for the suggestion of lowering RAM allocation, i will try that!

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