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Anyone know of any gui tutorials?

I'm at a point in my mod where I need to start adding them, and the source code is all kinda of confusing. I am completely worthless when it comes to parsing anything graphics related, which I suspect is just part of my general mental art block.

Doesn't help I'm out of caffeine...

I specifically need containers, though covering buttons and text would be nice too.

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Here's the source to my old Fair Trade mod. In it, I've created a sort of modular layer on top of the existing Minecraft GUI code to abstract away a lot of the bullshit, including initial work on a way to implement animation or other state-relative UI elements without a lot of extra code. It should be a fairly-decent starting point; Let me know if you have any questions about it.

(Note that the code is made for 1.1, and also note that the code is incomplete and discontinued, so squeeze the sponge for whatever is left in it and then discard when no longer useful.)

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