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Tekkit 1.1 Client, 1.2.5 Server

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So as you know, right now the Tekkit server (to my knowledge) is running the 1.2.5 update of CraftBukkit. So I tried to set up a server, and it all worked out but when I went to connect, it said

"Connection Lost End of Stream"

And so I checked my server console and it said that my client was out of date:


And when I checked back, sure enough, my client was 1.1:


And so I went to go try and update it but I couldn't find out how (granted that there is a way) so could someone please tell me how to get my Tekkit client up-to-date? Thanks!

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The server is running the newest version of Tekkit, but you can't connect to those yet using Recommended Builds. Open your Technic Launcher options, and tell it to use Dev Builds. That should allow you to connect.

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