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Question about importing world


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Once Tekkit 2 comes out, would I be able to copy a save from my current SMP server over to Tekkit? It's running IC2, BC, and RP2 right now, with all of the aspects that change world generation activated. I'm wondering if I'd be able to just copy it over since I don't think Tekkit includes anything else that changes world generation, so nothing would really be too messed up?

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Just to clarify, your current world is not Tekkit but your own hand-assembled collection of those mods?

If so, then unfortunately you won't be able to just copy the world over, as it's unlikely the block IDs will happen to all match up with what Tekkit uses. You might be able to use the mIDas tool referenced in other threads to convert the block IDs, but it'll take a lot of work to set it up to match your current configuration and test.

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