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  1. I would love to see this map be updated and a Tekkit version to go along with it.
  2. Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ [64 Slots, 2.0 Build still!] [Tekkit-tweaked plugins] ++ I just realized that my house is on the server's website's front page. Awesome!
  3. Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ [64 Slots, 2.0 Build still!] [Tekkit-tweaked plugins] ++ To anyone who I play with on this server: I won't be playing on here until it's updated to 2.1. I understand the bugs and stuff, but I just don't feel like I have much to do until 2.1.
  4. I was wondering if the Vanilla stays updated to the latest screenshot or just title update?
  5. That's weird Jay, I also find different versions of the ores in my world. Not only in Tekkit but in Technic also. Always have.
  6. You should make it out of rubber tree logs.
  7. It allows you to be a beekeeper. At least that part of Forestry does. Overall forestry allows you to further automate a lot of things, most notably tree farming, rubber tree farming, farming, stuff like that.
  8. That looks so incredibly neat.
  9. Is this part of forestry not included in Tekkit? :o
  10. It would be nice to have something less than 128x that included all the Technic mods. The 64x Sphax has missing icons for some IC2 things and Bees, so that's hard to use.
  11. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [v6.0.6 and down] [bees fixed] Are the IC2 textures updated in this? Cause the version of this I have [32x] doesn't have sprites for LapPack, Overclocker upgrade, and a few more, including Bees.
  12. Re: Is Technic Launcher Lost? Wait what? It shouldn't have anything to do with your browser. It's not a tool bar, it's a navigation bar. The thing on top at technicpack.net. Click on Technic 6. Like you would click on Mail on Google.com or something.
  13. Hmm, could this work from a non-tekkit world to tekkit 2? The world has Redpower, Buildcraft, Industrialcraft and Forestry installed.
  14. Once Tekkit 2 comes out, would I be able to copy a save from my current SMP server over to Tekkit? It's running IC2, BC, and RP2 right now, with all of the aspects that change world generation activated. I'm wondering if I'd be able to just copy it over since I don't think Tekkit includes anything else that changes world generation, so nothing would really be too messed up?
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