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Potion Questions

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Hi Folks,

After finding out how to automate water bottles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmxpZ70Lc_s - I want to try and automate a whole potion sequence.

Firstly, the wiki - http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Brewing - states that there are a number of potions that are not currently accessible - do people think these are coming back please? I ask as if I create this system now, then I'm going to be stuffed should the ingredients change/are added to.

Second, there are a number of charts which I'm not sure whether they're correct. My issue is that with the simplified system, I'm only going to be able to deliver each ingredient to one of the three phases and if ingredients are used in different phases then I'm going to have problems.

If anyone can shed light on these issues I'd be grateful; it could save me a lot of work for diminished rewards.

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This is as far as I've got - can anyone see any problems with it?

Nether Wart - primary

Ghast tear, Sugar, Magma, Spider Eye, Gold Melon, Blaze powder - secondary

Fermented Spider eye, glowstone, redstone and gunpowder as tertiary

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