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Server problems

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hi, i have some new problems :) I wanted try tekkit with friend so i downloaded server ( 3.0.4) and launcher and everything work how it should work but we get to point where we wanted some things and we discover they are not yet in that version. So I downloaded old recomended version of tekkit server where is everything (2.1.1) [bTW i have bukkit server loong so i know how that thing work] i unpack it in older and start server and it loaded i join and then i logout and i delete world folders before i wanted another and then come the problem. After i lunch server again it wrote


D:/tekkit>jave -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui

Error occurred during initializazion of VM

Could not reserve enough space for object heap


Press any key to continue...


Even delete whole folder with server and paste new one from downloaded rar didnt work. Can someone tell me what to do? Thnaks alot

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I´m not :) im always using 4Gb even if i have 4Gb ram and it work whole time i play on my bukkit server. So i dont thik so thats the problem.

WEll i solved the problem but another appeared. i cant modify world (no spawn protection), cant turn on creative mode, everythign is invulnerable including me, cant use any commands except world edit and toomanyitems. well Its recomended build and i have alot more problems with it then last 3.0.4. but in 3.0.4 there are not all modes that was in tekkit before.

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