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  1. I don't get why a lot of mod authors don't like the technic pack. Has Flowerchild brainwashed them all?
  2. Yeah, but a decent graphics card lets you play new games at high settings, and is a much better investment as it will play future gaes better. And "used properly" implies a lot more complicated process than "find a spare PCI slot, plug in, turn on". EDITT: isn't an M a mobile chip anyway? 630M or better is the way to go for new laptops.
  3. I like how some servers restrict EE2 items to make it fair, f.e Mk1 collectors and relays, a couple of the rings are gone (void I think? I don't really know the rings), destruction catalyst modified to obey towny rules etc. I like IC2 as it was the first mod I learnt how to play with, and just the general tongue in cheek humour of the wiki is funny as well. EE3 with the red liquid that burns you (check out the Minecraft Forums interview with Pahimar a few months back for decent details) looks like it's gonna be a better mod than build a collector, have diamond block mansion in 2 hours.
  4. Use 7Zip/WinRAR to open the EE2blahblah.jar in the mods folder and delete the forestry folder inside. This happens because EE uses an outdated Forestry API. Failing that, make sure you got MC1.2.5 and BC2.2.x version from the forestry site. Failing that, I don't know.
  5. No, it is Not Enough Items. Too Many ITems is similar, but doesn't have the recipes feature. If you bothered to read stickies you would know that :P
  6. It's not even a card, it's an integrated chip on the processor. No wonder it's so bad, the 4000 is better anyway (but still worse than any graphics card on the market) A Nvidia geforce 610 will probably do, and thats £30. If you want something decent, a 650ti or above is good. The yogscast themselves use 670's, and if you have £800-900 spare, get a 690 :D
  7. Bearing in mind it looks like spout is playing up, I'd reinstall technic completely nuking the .techniclauncher folder and using the mac version of the launcher IN Mac OS, and if that doesnt work perhaps search the spoutcraft forums to see if theres any similar problems and/or fixes :)
  8. When tekkit reaches 1.3 and all mods have to be SMP, The thaumcraft author said he will replace thaumcraft with arcanacraft :)
  9. Tekkit killed everyone in my family, and then left this picture on my wall next to a smiley face drawn in blood: www.tiny.cc/PAIN On a more serious note, is it that hard to scan the tekkit files with your antivirus program? (I bet he/she in the OP is using AVG or Norton)
  10. I have one question. What happened to OP's grammar? :/
  11. WOW! Good work! I wont actually use it myself, as like with Sphax I think it's too colourful for me, but you've done really well with the RedPower textures :)
  12. The unofficial modding thread for Isabella (which bonemouse actually contributes to) would love some updated textures! Go help there by providing your textures http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1122331-unofficial-isabella-mod-support-2-electric-boogaloo/
  13. But the majority of the problems here could have been solved by a 30 second google search?
  14. I didnt really understand what you just said due to grammar and all, but I dont play on Tekkit servers because SGTekkit (sct's server) was as laggy as hell, 1 tick per 2 seconds I still don't understand what sct has done to be part of the Tekkit team, I mean he had a laggy server and probably put the XenForo on the website, big woop ! :/ Nerdy rant over, I cant help you with anything to do with servers. sorry :(
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