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Tekkit lag spikes


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So, i have a 10Mbit/down and 2Mbit/up connection and i am getting these lag spikes (right click chest, chest opens 5 secs later ) on my Tekkit server (not local) which is on a Debian Squeeze OS.

Other players don't seem to have the same problems as i am having. If i hold TAB while in Tekkit, it says i have the best ping. Is there any settings on the server or in Tekkit that i can change to improve my Tekkit MP experience? Perhaps a mod?

I "pinged" my server-IP and the highest ms was 18.

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Found any way to fix this yet?

I have this myself as well, where my computer should be able to run it perfectly fine. I can do almost any other game on decent quality without any lags. I can run 4 different (classic) minecraft at the same time without lags, but 1 tekkit lags me like crazy?

I hope any1 can help me/us find a fix for this?

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