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(The REAL post) [ TPPI 1.1.2a ][ Open ][ TS3 ][ PvP/looting ][ No Griefing/hacking ][ No mods removed ][ 20 Plugins ]


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Server IP:




Server IP:


Hey there! If you're looking for a friendly server to play on, look no further!
We welcome all players. Just make sure to play by our simple rules!
✓ No whitelist - Everybody can join! eastern time till midnight
✓ PvP/Loot - Let's focus on survival loot as in you can grab anything thats not locked up (Not grief)
✓ Essentials - Easy basic commands for /home, /tpa, /msg etc.
✓ Grief Prevention - Super easy to protect your chests and builds with signs
✓ 24/7 uptime (unless there' a crash)
✓ Removed Mods: none as for right now
✓ Plugins: Essentials, chestshop,bank,jobs, and more
        ✓ Banned items: (coming soon)
        ✓ kind of like towny live in a iconomy world or  venture out into the wild


(if you want to be a admin fill out the APP)




1. age?

2. experience or knowledge with plugins?

3. how much experience or knowledge on items on this mod pack?

4. experience or knowledge on duping or items to ban that causes crash?

5. good at coming up with  reasonable rules?

6. dedicated or just here to setup server?

7. knowledge on TS?

8. ever worked  as a admin or  owner?

9. keeps up with recent events in real life?

10. country?



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Ign: LastingEcho

1. Sixteen

2. Yes.

3. Sooo much experience. I know every mod.

4. Indeed.

5. Yes.

6. More dedicated than Kim Jong Un is to building crappy missiles.

7. Nah.

8. Yes. Very many times.

9. Yes.

10. United States.

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  1. 21
  2. I have hosted my own Tekkit server for about a year now and have had to solve many issues with plugins and mods on a server side basis.
  3. I have a decent amount of knowledge of the Tekkit mods and am willing to learn new modpacks all the time.
  4. Yes, it is all about knowing what is going on in the world.  My biggest concern is world anchors and repetitive Redstone circuitry..  A computer takes out most of these issues.
  5. Yes,  there is nothing worse than irrational admin.  I helped develop rules for my own server when it was still on the air.
  6. I am willing to be a dedicated admin.  I can not always log in everyday due to work but I am a consistent player and will log in to check on issues even if not to play.
  7. No, but I am willing to learn.  TS meaning team speak?
  8. Yes, I ran my own server.
  9. Yes, I work in entertainment at a local theme park and have a lot of free time.. We watch TV all day, lol.
  10. United States of America!
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IN Game Name: jakersteele

1: 17

2: a decent amount ive run my own server several times

3: i know alot of mods especially tech mods

4: i know a few tricks that i can share for the safety of the server

5: i can proofread the rules and see if they are fair but im not especially good at making them

6: dedicated as much as i can with school and such

7: ive used teamspeak before and can use it if needed

8: ive run a few servers and know how to set them up pretty well

9: if by recent events you mean the news, no. but i do hear about whats going on from my peers and teachers at school

10: America!

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1. 15

2. I've had my own erver dedicated to plugin

3. almot everything

4. it not even funny how many I know

5. Im really really really good at it

6. Dedicated. I can play almot every day for a long time

7. nope :(

8.Yeah for the pat couple of year i've been a owner. no anymore :(

9. Yeah

10. America!!!

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