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Quick Player Transport?


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Hey, I run a survival tekkit server, and I was wondering the cheapest, quickest way to get from point A to point B. Atleast 6000 blocks, by the way. Is the quickest way just a nether-rail, or is there a quicker, easier alternative? 


(I used to use teleporters, but no IC2.)

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>Mystcraft linking books, hands down. You need the pages to have Intra-Linking to enable teleporting within the same dimension. Once you got the books linked, you can even craft crystal portals and place the books in them (via Receptables) so people can just walk through. Crystal spawns in some Mystcraft Ages and can be obtained with a pickaxe.


Honorary mention for the other options:

  • Dimensional Doors - but don't actually use them, because they tend to crash servers and corrupt world files
  • Railways - enjoy the scenery, because travel will take a while, even with Booster Tracks
  • Jetpack flight, either via MPS or Simply Jetpacks - not much faster than Railways, and uses power
  • qCraft portals - very quirky, but can even teleport you to other servers if configured correctly
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Follow the link I placed and you will get to bochen's Mystcraft tutorial, which describes it.

A handful of Pulverized Gold added to the ink is the easiest option, but bear in mind that it still has a random element. Discard pages with undesired effects like Disarm, unless you wish to troll somebody with the result.

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