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Mod isn't working in multiplayer!


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Me and my friend started up a server using hamachi, all the mod items are there but none are able to be built, the recipes work but the item will not leave the crafting table. Also the world things like oil and such have not appeared in the world.
SO basically it launches an unmodded version of minecraft but the items are still in NEI.

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Do not know hamachi, but normally one launches a voltz server by starting the voltz.jar and it takes it from there. (It loads the minecraft_server.jar underwater for you)

Most cases where one sees a normal world instead of a voltz one is one loaded the minecraft_server.jar and not the voltz.jar as the main server jar to run.

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There's actually a better - and preferred - method of running the server. There should be a launch.bat or appropriately named batch file that should be ran instead as this file incorporates min/max RAM allocations designed for the pack. Running the modpack from the jar file itself can cause out of memory errors related to RAM allocation often defaulting to only 512MB.

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