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No electrical engine in 3.0.1?

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Yeh, it was a good engine.

Redstone engines can power a quarry, but from my testing it seems like you can only power one face of the quarry at a time. I think I went up to a maximum of five engines, but, oh, was it sloooooow going.

I have used two combustion engines with a timer, so that each is only on for four minutes at a time, then it flips to the other engine to prevent overheat; but at least you can leave them running for a while. I've also pumped oil straight from a well to the two engines using the waterproof teleport pipes; I didn't get any oil spills, but it wasn't long before I had the resources to build the electrical engines.

Once I've found out how to safely hook up the energy links to the quarry, that'll be the way to go I think ... however because of the amount of energy that the link drinks, I'm not sure if it will be a "day only" operation.

I hope someone answers my questions soon!

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Difficult to find anything concrete about it. The recipe is in the NEI.

I do know that you can place the energy link next to the quarry, then some copper cable and some low voltage solar panels, and this works. (I also have some bat boxes in between the panels and the energy link, but I think that they are not necessary)

However, I can't find an way to turn it off. I've tried feeding a redstone pulse to the quarry and also to the energy link, but nothing seems to stop the quarry.

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From the Wiki:

Energy Link

The Energy Link takes in EUs and produces BC power directly into Conductive Pipes. It will connect to wooden power pipes, or directly to machines, making it equivalent to forestry's Electrical Engine

It converts at slightly over 90% efficiency (the extra loss is a bug in BuildCraft that should be fixed in 3.0). It can run on HV with no problems. Note that it will only provide power to Wooden Conductive Pipes (or machines) but not Stone or Gold Conductive Pipes, just like a regular engine would.

Also, if you use a wood pipe to capture the output of an Energy Link, you cannot use that same Wooden Pipe to connect to a machine, there must be another pipe in the chain first, so like "Energy Link -> Wood Pipe -> Quarry" is invalid, but "Energy Link -> Wood Pipe -> Stone Pipe -> Quarry" is. To minimise energy losses it is advised to place it directly adjacent the machine though.

I've used TP pipes with them. In the previous version, they drained 72 eu/t regardless of what it was powering. From what I have read, you can either power more things at one time or possibly transform the energy down to reduce waste. I don't know if there's a way to turn it off besides disconnecting the cable or conductive pipes.

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Three LV Solar Arrays run a quarry nicely using an Energy Link; far less maintenance than engines, and it will only run during the day. You can limit the amount of energy the link uses by putting an LV transformer in front of it, but that's still more than three LV arrays will generate. More arrays and an MFE should allow the quarry to run at night as well, just make sure you have enough infrastructure built to process all the stuff it pulls up.

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