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  1. The precharger needs to be have 1 empty space between it and the laser drill, and the correct face of the precharger has to be pointed toward the laser drill. For the drill, it must have a clear path straight down to the bedrock.
  2. How much power do you need to produce? I have a minimum-sized fusion reactor (8 blocks of water, 8 steam funnels), 4 large turbines, and it puts out over 10k/tick. I know it's not maxing out the turbines, but it's easily scalable, I just don't need more power than that. I could easily add another ring of water and get more power out of it without adding another reactor. It runs forever, can be fully automated, and produces no waste. If there is a problem with fusion reactors, I am not understanding it.
  3. Fusion reactor and several laser drills with the blue focus crystal in them (might be light blue, I forget). Pipe the result into your ME system, set up a chunk loader, and mine while you're not even online. I'm up to over 8000 diamonds, plus it mines all the other ores as well. 22k iron and counting...
  4. I thought the large non-spinning turbines was a bug, honestly, and it started prior to 1.2.7b. At any rate, I've got three liquiduct connections to each of my four turbines supplying steam from a fusion reactor that is boiling 8 blocks of water. Each block of water has a steam funnel above it, with a liquiduct connected to it to pull the steam out using a redstone signal (pneumatic servos set to ignore redstone in my case). This causes the four turbines to visibly spin. Each turbine then connects to its own resonant energy cell, each of which accepts 10,000 rf/t as input and outputs
  5. I have a diamond pickaxe that has Efficiency IX on it; there is nothing I've found that destroys stone and ore faster! One quick, light tap on the mouse button will destroy several blocks - holding the mouse button down causes a ridiculous amount of destruction. It's far faster than my power glove with maxed overclocking on the pick install. If you want a laugh, I suggest trying it.
  6. Well, I solved my problem by building a fusion reactor instead. Wiped out nearly all of my iron stores, but it's a hell of a reactor, more power than I can use right now
  7. Well, now we're on 1.2.6b and I'm back to square one, waste not pumping out of the reactor in SMP, even with a pneumatic servo. Is anybody else having this issue?
  8. BC is much less of a factor for me now than it used to be, there's just not much in there any more that is essential. I think outside of the pump, I'm not using anything that I couldn't do with something else. Quarries aren't even that great these days.
  9. Yeah, I've done all that, I have enough turbines to have surplus of power while running my stuff. However, no matter what I do, servo or no servo, I can't get fissile rods to insert into the reactor when it is empty, either in SSP or SMP.
  10. Well, that was it! Pneumatic servo required for this version, but only in SMP, at least for me. Thanks! Now, any suggestions on how to auto-feed fissile material into the reactor? Item ducts with chests (with or without servos) and ME exporting does not work for me.
  11. Is that single or multiplayer? Mine is not working in SMP, but working fine in SSP, same setup. I'll try it with the servo.
  12. That doesn't seem to be the case here; I have found that I can fill up a tank with toxic waste using a fluid duct, and pump it out of that tank into a void pipe, but the amount of waste in the reactor continues to climb. If I stop the reaction, the amount of fluid stays the same in the reactor, but it stops pumping into the tank.
  13. Hi folks; we're running on 1.2.5d, and I'm having a real problem consistently pumping waste out of my fission reactor, which is a new issue (worked on earlier 1.2.5 builds). It seems to work when you first place the reactor down, but after a short while pipes can no longer extract the waste. I've tried both fluiducts and buildcraft fluid pipes with no difference. Anybody else seeing this issue? Thanks.
  14. Sounds like you are using the development build - before logging in, hit Options and change to using recommended builds, that will bring all the current Tekkit mods down.
  15. Do you have a thread where tethers are shown to work? In my experience they don't work anymore in 3.0.x; I submitted a bug report and the general consensus was to just use world anchors instead, since those *do* work - I use them for quarries, terraformers, and keeping my factory going when I'm offline. Several threads about tethers were started when 3.0.x was released, and nobody was able to get them to work.
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