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Tekkit Lite Crashes


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Hey guys,

I hope you understand my english, so I'll try it on my best. I've downloaded the technic launcher before some weeks and I have only played tekkit lite yet. Since some days Tekkit Lite crashes, yesterday I played the first time with my friend on my own Tekkit Lite server with the standard server.jar file. And my friend and I have also downloaded optifine yesterday. Now I want to play. I can start the launcher without problems and I don't play with any ressourcepack. When I go in my Singleplayer world I've been playing since last week, I can play some minutes (1-3) and then it crashes: the game doesn't react the sound plays like nothing happened but I can't do anything. After a short time the launcher is in the small window and there is the black-white report:<script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=x7kdq1Rb"></script>

I hope for soon answers! :D

Good evening everybody !


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