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Sooo... bit of a lag issue... is this causing it?

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I'm building a sorting complex and the basis for it is a series of six chests per chest that are used as a storage. Each chest has a Transposer attached to it. This means that across the 64 chests that the facility contains, there are 384 Transposers activating once every .5 seconds. Coupled with the 64 timers and other Transposers used to offload the mobile drill, is this causing the massive amounts of lag?

The lag has grown so bad that If you stay connected for more than a few minutes you begin to skip around and cannot place blocks.

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All of the timers and transposers are encased and compressed to the point that it is impossible to turn them off without destroying the entire complex >_> I already ended up destroying the entire chest storage area in favor of one that uses item detectors instead of timers. So far it seems to be working aside from the fact that now my sorting machines simply wont work. >_> Making a different post for that...it's a separate issue...

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