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People Able to Use NEI?

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Hello Everyone, I have a small issue and need some help :)

I left my server today because i am pretty sick today XP, but i was called back online because my co-owner reported 3 players spawning items using NEI o.0 My First thought was: it was fake, no-one can just spawn items using NEI. Then i came online and my Head-Admin swears he saw the items on the players (./invsee). Of course we banned these players and haven't seen anything from them, maybe because EE is disabled and anything you can use to grief spawn is either blocked or taken out of the game. I have some Screen Shots i need to share to let you better understand what was happening.


The NEI Mod im using is the NEI Fix for the Recent "Death Glitch."

Need to know anything else please leave a comment and ill get back to you as soon as i can :)

Thanks for Reading.

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