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How do you disable convenient inventory from tekkit/technic?

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No I meant convenient inventory. The mod. How do I remove it?

There is no convenient inventory in Tekkit 3. Soooooooooooo?

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Thought i would reply to this before sct explodes...

1) You should have posted in Technic

2) Check the mods folder for a mod that is like the one your after, wether its invtweaks or whatnot and delete the file.

The mods folder is in: %appdata%\.techniclauncher\technic (thats from memory, so sorry if its not quite right)

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I deleted every mention of inventory from the mod folder but the inventory is still messed up. When I shift click things into a container I want them to stack with existing items in the container but they just get moved in without stacking.

the alt key also hangs up and makes a single click moves stacks of items into my inventory.

This was all a common problem with "convenient inventory"

On top of that NEI is also being a pain in the ass. I change the config so cheats=True but the config then reverts it to "false" when the game is launched.

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