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  1. What is your username? kalegos89 What is your name? Gabriel How old are you? 37 Location (State or City & Country)? Lisbon, Portugal Have you ever been banned? No. Which mod packs are you most familiar with? Basically all, i know most mods and often do my own packs for fun. Pictures, videos, or descriptions of things you have built: Been off for a while, dont have nothing to show at this moment, i am sorry. Are you community-oriented or a solo player? Always community player, probably more solo just when starting a new server. Do you have a microphone? Yes. Are you willing to participate on a regular basis in TeamSpeak3? Yes. How long have you been playing Minecraft? Since 1.2.5. How long have you been playing modded Minecraft? Since 1.2.5. At what times do you typically play? Depends, can be from morning to late night, my work is not certain in terms of schedule. Are there any other games that you play? 7 days To Die, Archeage, Guild Wars 2, Rift, Simcity 4 and new one, Hearthstone and couple more, i play everything i can get my hands on and can have fun. How many hours a day do you play games? Can be from two hours to twelve or more. Do you have hairy arms? Yes, not as much as a sapient cousin, can save me from a harsh winter. But will not save me in a pool of Lava.
  2. IGN: kalegos89 Gender: male Age: 37 Timezone/Location: London/GMT Have you had any previous bans?: no Tell us a little about about yourself!: Love minecraft, the possibilities, the sheer amount of stuff and builds you can do Have you read rules/banned items and will abide by them?: Yes, sir.
  3. Hey there, thanks for the tutorial, was able to compile a modpack finally, BUT, i had to use the 7zip program for all the stages, i spent like 6 hours trying and the only way i was able to do it was with 7zip, with Winrar wasn't working and i tried everything and even after smooshing it and treat it well and cuddle it wasn't working, lol, hope this helps those who still have problems.
  4. IGN: kalegos89 AGE: 37 LOCATION: Portugal ARE YOU BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS AND WHY?: No sir. WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: Looking for a nice community to play Big Dig, wich is a awsome pack. TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE: Started in 1.2.5 with Tekkit (now Classic), passed by FTB and now back to Tekkit, like the way Tekkit is going. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN MINECRAFT?: Build and figure it out how to compact builds.
  5. In game name - kalegos89 Age - 37 Location - Portugal Are you currently banned from any servers? - No sir. Minecraft experience to date - Started in 1,8, Tekkit 1.2.5 (now Classic), FTb and back to Tekkit. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server - Love the new Tekkit and to where it is going, like a lot Big Dig and your server looks great for someone who is tired of crap and griefing and just wants to play the game in a nice community with a fair enough stability.
  6. What is your in game name(minecraft username)? kalegos89 - Name one rule of the server. No GRIEFING! - Why do you want to join the server? Been playing the Big Dig Pack for a while and want to try it in a server, yours seems a very good one. - What do you expect from the server? Nice community, want to cross cows whit chocobos and create a Chow, and be able to play without griefers sniffing around (my dream!).
  7. I have the same problem, its very bizarre, everytime my mouse touches the launcher window it moves away from the cursor.