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  1. All (Most of the videos here!!) Tekkit Classic mostly, soon to be FTB and Hexxit!
  2. What tekkit? Tekkit classic of Tekkit Lite
  3. Just gonna pop that there, this is MAJOR hints on how to run a stable server....
  4. Thats not the reason you are the only one that can get on... Have you tried opping someone and asking them to log in... If so its your permissions or a plugin like Modifyworld that is "Whitelisting" your server.. Other wise, Logs please :3
  6. Just going to post this here, don't disable the triangulator, it crashes you! Ban it
  7. Also for the best results, stop the server, delete your server.log file and startup and recreate the crash, then search for the line FYI, in my case, I tried disabling the triangulator because they haven't fixed it...
  8. Hey guys you are looking for a line similar to this one: CONFLICT @ 0 item slot already occupied by [email protected] while adding [email protected]250c It doesn't have to be Item slot 0, and it doesn't have to be ironspade... Although if its the spade that is crashign you then it is this. The way to fix it is to look at the next part, and get the item, in my case the WirelessTriangulator. Go into the config file and change the ID, from what ever digit it is set, repeat this process until there are no more colliding ID's.. If this doesn't work then i'm sorry... You need to reinstall your server config and files
  9. Hello, i'm in need of a fix for the redsonewire and redstone crash. I have been looking for a very long time and i cant find a single thing about it! It occours when redstone is placed beside redstone wire against a block, and the block its placed on! e.g. LEVER - REDSTONE - REDSTONE - DIRT AIR___- AIR______ - REDSTONE - wire(Against dirt) Please help urgent!