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  1. minecraft.equestriaalliance.com did not seem to work for me ssry for inconvienence
  2. Have you ever been banned from a server:yes a bunch of times but not in a bad way the worst was for griefing my own house but that got cleared up and all the rest from my own sever hosted by a bunch of my buds you know we tend to mess around it was like a pvp thing and i get banned after 10 deaths fun derps What will you do on the server:il tell you wut i wont do retarded contraptions well give or take but i mean the cheep lag ones like blaze rod farming with macerator or a bunch of world anchors next to condensers im agaist those i will infact do a ton of building What do are admins going to look for when you join:? i dont think i get it but if i do...... a awome untouched biome with me starting a beuitful build based paradice Why should you join Equestria's Minecraft server:idk my last sevrer just broke down along with all my builds and im prety experienced as in ive been playing tekkit from the start as soon as it came out im a adition to a server and not a waist of slots and i will always gladly help a nooby also im a bit illiterat i read the rulles and idk what cussing is also i dont understand how caps is annoying considering it realy only changes the font style
  3. wsup my last server when down for goods and im in the looks for a new server this one caught my eye and it looks great for me my susername is 8bit__ninja with 2 underscores. i wold like to also make it clear now that in kindah illiterate and forgot what sentence is so excuse me ive only ever been banned 1 for griefing my own house but it was cleared up i am highly against ppl who get laggy stuff going thats completly automated then put down a world anchor and never come back mostly duw to block lag for im kinda a hardore builder ill play alot giver or take a day i make derp skins and im highly experienced tekkit/minecraft player so whitlist me or not i would love to go on this server i hope for a friendly comunity ssry if this aint 5/6 "sentences"
  4. ok if any admins see this i got somethings to say 1.pls pls ban world anchors or kick ppl who attempt to make them 2.fix restrictions i cant even break blocks to start mining 3. that nice spawn of yours could use a builder and im the guy for the job il be back tomoro and it be awsome if you stoped accepting every person who try"s to white list well give or take just boost your awarness with grefers im a builder and id hate some aditional block lag and burt pixle art
  5. Minecraft Name: 8bit__ninja ... 2 underscores Do you have any bans on record? yes 1 If so, Why? because i griefed my own. house i was moving out with a friend but my friend wasent on while i blew up out old base and he thought it was grief
  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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