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  1. not working for me i think its mojang or technic doing something
  2. still says the authentication are currently down for maitenance
  3. well I hope its just maitenence and it will be back up as soon as possible
  4. I cannot connect to the server when i attempt to connect it says failed to connect to this server timed out other servers work now it says authentication are currently down for maitenance
  5. Yeah I hear you I mean I don't know what to do now... Where is shankums I saw him a while back but not in the past month or two.
  6. Hey everyone Im back My computer got broke...Again. But Im back with a better computer!!! :D
  7. Same here. Really just because i cant do anything for a continueus amount of time unless it is something im interested and or want to do
  8. so both of them so that lag combined with the tekkitrestrict lag made a big lag, that explains alot acually
  9. Wow, so was it mostly that plugin that caused so much lag or was it mostly our blaze rod generator
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