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  1. sean i think you should put the detail that "you can have 100 blocks more claimed land every hour you play on this sever" on the description
  2. IGN: 1nitniuq Age: 17 Skype(optional): TheThatGuy Tekkit experience(1-10): 5 Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time How much time do you plan on playing per day? Only half to two hours, because im trying to cut down my gaming time, its not healthy. The build you are most proud of? a mansion that was built inside two large mountain ranges. Why do you think our server is right for you? small, secured, just like the way when tekkit is introduced to my by the yogscast.
  3. Ingame username: 1nitniuq Age: 17 Are you experienced in tekkit? only been playing tekkit for about a month, so no. Do you wish to play on cubenation? yes, i would love to.(by the way, the logo looks really nice)
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