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  1. Ok, so now when I look in the world config there, I see that everything is the same as the defaults show, is that really the case or did they change it to match?
  2. Hi, Can anyone please tell me how can I get the Big Dig increased ore Gen into my own custom pack? I really want to play my own pack with the mods I love and the increased ore gen big dig brings.
  3. Will it be possible to add the mod Steve's Carts 2? As far as I can see in the author's permissions you are allowed to add the mod to your mod pack so long as you give credit for it and that you do not earn money for the mod pack. This mod would be a great addition because it adds many more ways to earn and transport your resources. The mod's official wiki:
  4. can i join the server please? IGN: cibastian Age: 15 I want to join the server because it seems like a good one plus it contains a land and chest protection.
  5. Title: Server external login problem Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Enterprise Java Version: jre-7 (dont know how to check for more accurate versions) Description of Problem: No one except for me and people that play on my home network can join the server Error Messages: none. I've got all the port-forwarding and everything else setup properly its only that no one can join. on other servers that i host people can join. Error Log: none that i know of only that no-one else can join. EDIT: NVM please lock/delete this post as it is apperantly something to do with my IP just tried a different server and it didnt work too.
  6. IGN: cibastian AGE: 14.5 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: NO. WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? I like tekkit because of all the additions and pros it adds to vanilla minecraft. Also my brother has recommended me to join this server WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? I can bring myself plus some friends if i enjoy the experience. Also i am an expert in equivalent exchange and ic2. starting to experiment with redpower2 and buildcraft more than i did before. Please accept me.
  7. Launcher/Pack version: latest, 2.1.1 OS: Mac Version of Java: JRE 7 Description of the problem: i have a fail to bind to port when i am trying to set the server to use my external ip address... Pastebin:
  8. I will as soon as i will launch my tekkit server again but you should all be familiar to the fail to bind to port problems... and as for: I am aware that mac sucks but it's good for hosting servers reserve more RAM on the windows i am actually playing from
  9. You mean technic because tekkit is the SMP version of the technic pack... BTW i know it's a stupid step but did you delete META-INF directory from minecraft.jar?
  10. Hey. When i try to set up a server with an IP i get from the mac application: Port Map the tekkit will fail to bind to port. I could do it before with every other minecraft server but it stopped working with tekkit... i would like if anyone could help me... i am running the latest recommended tekkit version and mac os x lion with the latest software updates. please help me. Port Map -
  11. Please help me i can't start a server wich won't use LAN. I use mac (latest files and updates), and i use Port Map to get an ip to change my ip for something that everyone can connect to. i even checked with and it's the same. here is the log to what happens when i start the server: sorry it's in mediafire but the log is to long for a code in here and too big for pastebin. so if anyone can help me please do.
  12. Please help me I can't hear any minecraft vanilla sounds ingame i can only hear the mods but can't hear myself sprint or destroy blocks and all that... help me... i use the latest launcher, java and i use windows 7