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  1. -age: 14 -timezone and country of residence: central us time -experience with minecraft/voltz (just so i know, im not a genius myself): a few months -what attracts you to my idea/server: its white listed -are you willing to group up with others or me or are you a lone wolf: both but preferably lone -do you think that you understand my views about the difference between stupid grief and just fun pvp?: yes
  2. [Name]don't share [Age]15 [skype]atmalec12345 [Why do you want to join]i want to play with other people but not with restrictions like open servers [MC username]Blazeriscool
  3. MC Account Name: Blazeriscool How long have you been playing Minecraft? 1 year How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? 3 months What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc) adept Why do you want to play on the server? to make a factory What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted? make a factory
  4. Username:Blazeriscool Age:14 How long have you been playing Minecraft?:1 year Do you know much about Voltz?: mostley the factory stuff Why do you want to play on this server?: so i can play voltz with other people What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz?: building giant things and mining to build giant things
  5. - Age: 14 - Name: not saying - Experience: 1 !/2 years and 2 Weeks with Voltz - Skype: atmalec12345
  6. Launcher Version: latest Operating System: windows XP Java Version: Recommended version 7 update 17 Antivirus Program: AVG Description of Problem: When ever i double click on the launcher to open it an error pops up saying "could not find the main class. program will now exit" Error Messages: Could not find the main class. Program will now exit. Error Log:
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