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  1. i definitely agree that optifine should be included but it is probably low on the long list of things that the modders have to add. unfortunately because optifine messes with a lot of stuff in minecraft it will make it a lot harder to debug than it has to be in the beginning stages of the mod pack.
  2. isnt worldedit a server mod? if ur talking about the same one i am thinking of it has never required single player commands. if you want to use worldedit with Voltz try setting up a bukkit server on your localhost and installing Voltz and WorldEdit on it (if voltz even works with bukkit...)
  3. first of all i definitely agree with you on the iron spawning not being high enough,i also have found that copper ore spawns much too frequently. secondly to make dusts you need to use an enrichment chamber, here is the link to the Mekanism manual page, and FYI don't click the links on the side they are broken, just scroll down and you should be able to find the dusts section labeled a little way down the page. and a little hint, you need to make a Metallurgic Infuser to make the iron block for almost all of the mekanism machines.
  4. idk if its the same as the ring of arcania but swift wolfs rending gale is wut i have been using, i like the jetpack better tho, it is harder to use but it makes it seem less cheaty
  5. to make the transformer down-convert rather than up-convert shift click it with the wrench, it should give you a nice message telling you which way it is converting. also the input will always be red output will always be black, putting it the other way will make it not work. the way the transformer works is that it either adds or subtracts 120v from the current so it can only convert between 120v and 240v