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  1. How do you add plugins to this version of Voltz? I can't find a 1.6.4 bukkitforge build, and to my knowledge bukkitforge was the only one that worked. If anyone knows, please respond!
  2. Thank you very much for helping! I will try that right away.
  3. I saw that the 3.1.2 verison of Voltz had launched and found the server files, so I downloaded those and unzipped them and put them into a folder. Then I looked at the launch.bat file and changed the ram from 2 - 3 to 2 - 2. The I ran the server and got this error code. I can't figure it out just by looking at the code, so I think maybe someone who knows what their doing could fix it. Any help is very appreciated!
  4. Hello, im the co-owner of a voltz server and was wondering if anyone wanted to join it we are in search for some mature and knowledgeable people that want to be staff on the server. Also we are a new yet friendly and pretty well experienced server with plugins,mods and such So please join The ip is zroidvoltz.suroot.com
  5. I may have figured it out, I had to take out the Voltz.jar file and alter the run.bat file to run the bukkit forge. Think it worked
  6. Also is there a Bukkitforge for minecraft 1.6.4? I can't find that either.
  7. I've started a 3.0 version of Voltz, and all is working well. But I am having trouble with finding out how to get plugins. Because the core-mods folder is gone, I don't know where to put the bukkitforge .jar file. Does it go into the 1.6.4 file inside the mods folder? If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Ok thanks for all the responses i think you'r all right they really do need to look at it and they are probably fixing it for servers right now.
  9. The latest version on the voltz server is 1.0.9 and the last one had a lot of bugs so could someone tell me why the latest one isn't on the page?
  10. How do you downgrade your server version cause i cant find the download.
  11. And how do you downgrade the server version too?
  12. Ya i had that happen to me too. I had to make my own haz mat suit to mine and all my uranium is gone and is replaced with the dirt looking radioactive stuff. Thanks for the message :D
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