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  1. Hello, when i install Multiworld or Multiverse all my IC2 machines turn around. I use the latest MCPC Build 067 for running my Server. When i removed the plugins the machines are looking normal. Can you help to fix this Problem? I see many Servers runs Multiverse or Multiworld and the dont have this Problem. greets, Stefan
  2. I looking for some Players (2-4) for testing my Tekkit-Lite 0.5.9 Server. The Server is an PVE/PVP Server and use Custom-Mods (Jammy-Furniture,Flying-RIng, Mo-Creature). Location of the Server and his owner (i am 40 Years old) is germany. I speak and wrote not perfectly english. Please send me a pm, or skype (ststeppat) me, when you want to play. I send you a Password and the location of the customzip and you can join.
  3. ok, thx for info. @disconsented Is Version 0.6.0 with Flight Control ?
  4. Hello, today i found the Magic Ring Mod I installed it at my server ( and it works, at the mod there is the flying Ring. Now we can fly at the survial mod.
  5. look here:
  6. Hello, Has anyone a solution, how i can fly (the same fly as gamemode 1) at the gamemode 0 ? I see a few Days a video an the guys are flying, but the are playing gamemode 0 and the dont use flyitems from tekkit.
  7. look here:
  8. i type at the ops.txt: industrialcraft computercraft redpower hope it will help you.
  9. I install a few moments ago, the latest version of IC2 (1.115.211-lf)at my server and client. Now all Blocks looks good. i download the latest version from ic2,
  10. PEX dont work, after change to #129 ->#137, my server comes up with message: You have no permission..., with #129 it has been worked. Why with #137 loads my Server faster then #129 ?
  11. I test all this with a fresh 0.5.3 Server, i removed all entrys from the mysql Database
  12. It works for me too, lockette works! User can open the Door, but he can move on my building. Great job ! Edit: serversigns works
  13. thx, for the answer. Today i will see my mistake. At the moment where i will be gm1 the monsters spawns, now i at gm 0 and the stop to spawn.
  14. First a big thx for your great work. I start my Server with your new Version #80, then the server create the Folders, but there ist no world data. All Data's are in the old Folder World. Must i copy the World-Data into the new Folders, or must i delete the folder World and create a new ? Edit: After installation, all my warps, my homepoint is not avaible, the message allways is: wrong world.
  15. How do you do to stop spawn Werwolfes and Ogres ? I set at the settings on my server (config/MoCreatures.cfg) I:OgreFreq=0 I:OgreRange=12 S:OgreStrength=2.5 I:WWolfFreq=0 I:WerewolfFreq=0 and the spawn. Can you help, and tell me i must wrote to stop werewolfes and ogres?
  16. Hello, today i installed the Jammy Furniture Mod, at my server. It works great, now i can use furniture. 1) Download the mod at 2) Copy the zip to folder mod (at Server and Client) 3) Start the client an wait for the TekkitLite stop. 4) Change the Block IDs at the config file "JammyFurnitureMod.conf" at the config folder to the block id 950-975 5) Copy the changed conf file at my server (it must the them IDs between Server and Client) 6) restart client an Server and it works.
  17. Can you please post, which Versions of the Plugins you are running. Essentials und PEX dont work at me.