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  1. Hello Everyone! I have been playing on this server since early 2013 if not 2012. Very nice community to play in for mature, well-rounded individuals. We also have microblcocks, zTones, and (my favorite) pink blocks! Go crazy and design the base of your dreams!
  2. Username: xRetna Age: 18, will be 19 next month. (who cares about that though) Why Tekkitopia? Every server that I've joined in the past year or so has had tons of griefers, I've privately hosted a server, and I would like to deal with a mature crowd of gamers that actually know how to be respectful, that is this server here, Tekkitopia. Also, I'm loving the Tekkitopia banner that was made on the first post, it gives a nice ring! Your secret code: 6xRe
  3. Thanks for the response. Forge, I believe, is set to release a patch or something of that sort for us. Maybe it'll have more commands. *more permission nodes to complete* :(
  4. Another feasible explanation as to why EE2 couldn't be replaced by EE3 would be that if, for example, theres a player using EE2 to complete tasks, and EE2 is a major setup in their world, if one were to simply switch it out for EE3, the creations wouldn't be usable and so forth. This isn't really an important explanation, and not nearly as technical, just some blue collar.
  5. I'm greatly appreciating the effort that the community in this post is making. My first time actually taking part of the development process of a new software of this sort.
  6. Have fun! Im running a small one with all sorts of errors lol.
  7. I'm definitely sure that larger servers will still have Tekkit Classic. Tekkit Lite lacks the availability to add major plugins. It's definitely worth, on his part, to fix his PC. Best wishes.
  8. As pointed out in the above two posted, I usually don't use the correct terminology. Point being was that, blc, I will study hard. Thanks for the constructive criticism. Also, xanthan, I agree. to another post: I think its quite far fetched that someone believes they can completely remove something from the internet.
  9. For starters, the best driver helper I use is, "Driver Robot". In title, its basically designed to detect any drivers that are missing. This isn't going to be related to minecraft or tekkit in any way, so I would get him to contact a information technology expert. His computer has more problems than just tekkit/minecraft.
  10. If his hard drive is empty, he needs to download windows OS. If he is able to get to his main desktop on that specific computer, then the hard drive isn't empty unless he has another hard drive hooked up to that computer with Windows OS on it. Best place for him to start would be to search google for the appropriate drivers he needs for his computer to work. What windows version is he running? lets start there.
  11. Another point I'd like to make is how modders, not saying all of them, but this one in turn, is actually putting terms and conditions on a mod that he created for a game that was open source. Look up to your fellow programmers/game designers. They were nice enough to allow you the right to mod their original game, and you want to capitalize the opportunity to make money on that. You're just as bad as a big name game company, such as treyarch (developers for call of duty) who try to milk people of their money. Bottom line is that I doubt there will be people willing to essentially "buy" your mod for their own enjoyment. Maybe if you helped mojang develop minecraft in the first place. sorry for the ranting everybody! Hope I've made my point.
  12. My post here is probably undereducated compared to thebirds'. However, if he wiped out his computer, he may be missing a bit of driver software that he needs. As stated numerous times, we need explicit information about his errors. What did he wipe out from his computer? Ask him for his code for the B.S.O.D. (Blue screen of death). If we have this information, we could likely help you and your friend out. We cannot go off of semi in depth information that you are posting about his problems. Please be specific.
  13. Have your friend op you if you can, once op'ed, try to place a block. by default, it should work, if not, then have your friend check his permissions files.
  14. SemiPr0, I've actually had to manually set the group of each player in the player file in order for it to work. I can't wait until there's a command available to put players into groups, like ranks. Let's pray.
  15. as somewhat stated above by SemiPr0, EE3 is a WIP (Work In Progress). As the developers of the mod continue to add things, it should update them in Tekkit Lite. I'm glad it's even in there.